Taking the Wizardry out of OpenStack Performance with Browbeat

openstack_logoJoin us at the OpenStack Summit Barcelona and learn how to take the wizardry out of OpenStack performance and scale testing with Browbeat.  Tuesday, October 25th 2:15-2:55pm in P1 room 112.  Learn how to get started with Browbeat, relevant performance/scale issues and metrics, future roadmap and a whole lot more.


Browbeat Summary

Browbeat is an Open Source framework focused on scale, performance and tuning of a deployed OpenStack cloud.  It can provide the following benefits to operators, developers and businesses running OpenStack.

  • Create and orchestrate workloads for performance and scale testing
  • Automate deployment of common collection and data analysis tools
  • Identify potential configuration problems and highlight some optimal tuning values
  • Make run-to-run, cloud-to-cloud and build-to-build comparisons by sending test result data bundled with metadata about the cloud to Elasticsearch and visualize via Kibana
  • Provide performance data metrics and results based on Rally and other common tools like Grafana
  • Analyze and tune your Cloud for optimal performance

In this talk you’ll hear from core Browbeat developers around how you can leverage it for your OpenStack deployment along with a demonstration showcasing some of the useful features.

What we’ll be covering:

  • Browbeat Overview
  • Getting Started with Browbeat
  • Browbeat Infrastructure
  • Metrics Collection/Analysis
  • Results Collection/Analysis
  • Performance and Scale Issues
  • Browbeat Future
  • How to Contribute

When and Where:

  • Tuesday, October 25th @ 2:15-255pm
  • P1 Room 112
  • CCIB – Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona









Slides for OpenStack Scale and Performance Testing with Browbeat


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